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If you would like more information about how to become a Doula or to join our Tulsa Doulas,  please complete your contact information and we will get back with you. If you are looking for a Doula for your birth, please look through our doula directory and contact as many Doulas as you wish or send your information and a doula will contact you with resources.

 As doulas, we all have different styles, backgrounds, and experiences and we encourage families to contact several doulas to find one that will best suit your needs and fit with your style for your birth.The members of Tulsa Doulas have their own businesses and provide different services. As a non-profit group, we are unable to list prices for local doulas. It is a growing profession and prices range from $400-over $800 or more for a birth doula. Postpartum services are typically hourly contracts. We hope you find a doula for your family and your birth needs. 

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