Heather McCulloh

I am a mommy.  I love being a mommy!  I am a very passionate person and an ‘information junkie’.  One of my passions is helping other mommies as they walk this road called parenthood. For me that journey begins very early.  Whether you are trying to get pregnant or find out that you are carrying a new life within you.  Parenting starts long before you hear your baby cry for the first time.  

A woman and her partner are setting the stage for their experience as parents through their pregnancy, labor and delivery.  The experience of childbirth will help define you as a parent.  Do you feel supported, informed, empowered?  That is my goal, to help you feel the best about your birth experience and early parenting.  Whether this is your first child or your ninth… every pregnancy/birth is unique… just as the child you love.   

I am excited to partner with you!!

I continue to research and keep abreast of all the information relating to pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care.  It is my desire to help you find the information you are looking for so that you and your partner can make the best and most informed decisions for your family. 

It is not my goal to impose my opinions on you, but to support you fully in your choices.  No matter your plan, it is YOUR birth and I am here to support YOU. 

Research shows clearly that the experience of childbirth remains with you forever and impacts the way you parent… I want your memories to be pleasant and empower you to be the parent you desire to be.