Carly Steiner


Carly is an empathetic, passionate birth doula. She takes a holistic approach supporting mother while being a comfort and assistant to husband, partner, and/or family as well. Carly has a healthcare background specializing in fertility, prenatal, postpartum and infant massage therapies. Along with being a Certified Massage Therapist (May 2004), she is also a Certified Nurse Assistant (May 2016). Presently, Carly is a student nurse in the Maternity and Newborn units.

Carly’s focus is on individual quality care implementing techniques and tools designed for each client’s birth goals and health needs. She understands every birth to be the significant once in a lifetime event and guides to allow for the most positive birth experience possible. Empowering women during pregnancy, labor and birth, Carly envelopes the process whole heartedly encouraging each mother ~ body, mind and spirit.

Amy Jordan

Amy attended the 2017 Birth Doula workshop and she is excited to use her newly acquired skills helping her friends and other women in the Tulsa area have better births!

Kimberly Mejio

Kimberly took the Doula birth training in 2014 and has been working as  a volunteer doula in the Owasso area. She is eager to take more clients and pursue certification. She is also fluent in Spanish and desires to help women understand the birth process, especially when a language barrier is present.

Ashley Holloway

Ashley  completed the 2017 Birth Doula workshop and is also working on a cosmetology degree. She is    eager to work with expectant moms and encourage them to have the birth they desire.