Tulsa Doulas

Tulsa Doulas are here to serve you during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We are a local support group that has been serving Tulsa families and helping train doulas since 1993. We are also a group for others who support women before, during, and after childbirth with various pregnancy and postpartum services. Please meet our Tulsa Doulas and contact one for your birth! We all love working with women to have the birth they desire, whether it be a hospital birth, a planned cesarean birth, or a birth center or home birth. Doulas want you to have the birth you desire! It is YOUR BIRTH! We are here to support you and help you discover your options on this journey into childbirth. Listed below are doulas who are actively taking clients for birth, postpartum,placental encapsulation and photography. Doulas have all levels of experience and have all attended a nationally recognized Doula training program.


Photo of Kylee Abel
Cell Phone: (918) 798-0544


Photo of Naloni Bean
Cell Phone: (918) 804-6453
No Photo Available
Cell Phone: (918) 625-2992
Photo of Frances Bland
Cell Phone: (918)876-7355
Photo of Tiffany Blue-Diaz
Cell Phone: (720)436-5936
Photo of Kathy Buller
Cell Phone: (269) 369-4641


Photo of Giselle Chebny
Cell Phone: (918) 810-3310
Photo of Christa Collins
Cell Phone: (918) 406-3285
Photo of Jennisue Costello
Cell Phone: (918)332-6404


Photo of Amy Emerson
Home Phone: 918-299-7288 Cell Phone: 918-695-8402


Photo of Holly Foley
Cell Phone: (918) 728-4680
Photo of Leah Foster
Cell Phone: (918)639-8999


Photo of Jan Gaylord
Home Phone: (918) 272-9770 Cell Phone: (918) 724-0648
Photo of Hilary Goodner
Cell Phone: (918) 693-2186
Photo of Cheri Grant
Cell Phone: ( 918 ) 606-4561


No Photo Available
Cell Phone: (405)343-4214
Photo of Ariel Haynes
Cell Phone: (719) 237-7823
Photo of Stephanie Henry
Cell Phone: (918) 766-3882
Photo of Crystal Holland
Cell Phone: (918)638-6984


Photo of Jeri Jones
Cell Phone: (918)946-6879



Photo of Kristen Maillet
Cell Phone: (918)200-6311
Photo of Heather McCulloh
Cell Phone: (918) 779-8194


Photo of Dana Nichols
Cell Phone: (918) 557-1247
Photo of Kimberly Nnamani
Cell Phone: (918)902-1489


Photo of Kelsey Oliphant
Cell Phone: (918) 841-1915


Photo of Shirley Pike
Cell Phone: (918)274-5555


Photo of Jennifer Reimer
Cell Phone: (918) 520-0285
Photo of Murphie Robinson
Cell Phone: (580) 606-0208


Photo of Rachel Shepherd
Cell Phone: (918)639-3239
Photo of Aleaha Smith
Cell Phone: (918)694-9994
Photo of Jaclyn Smith
Cell Phone: (918)685-0435
Photo of Sarah Sponsler
Cell Phone: (918)955-7462
Photo of Taryn Starkey
Cell Phone: (918)720-4079
Photo of Shelley Stege
Home Phone: (918) 251-9279 Cell Phone: (918) 798-8819
Photo of Rhonda Sullivan
Cell Phone: (918)829-7721


Photo of Kathy Taylor
Cell Phone: (918) 284-2950


Photo of Elizabeth Wilkes
Cell Phone: (918)320-0859
Photo of Jessiqua Wittman
Cell Phone: (918)758-5230
Photo of Kasy Wixon
Cell Phone: (918) 849-2660
Photo of Sarah Wolcott
Cell Phone: (918) 504-2905