Tulsa Doulas

Tulsa Doulas are here to serve you during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We are a local support group that has been serving Tulsa families and helping train doulas since 1993. We are also a group for others who support women before, during, and after childbirth with various pregnancy and postpartum services. Please meet our Tulsa Doulas and contact one for your birth! We all love working with women to have the birth they desire, whether it be a hospital birth, a planned cesarean birth, or a birth center or home birth. Doulas want you to have the birth you desire! It is YOUR BIRTH! We are here to support you and help you discover your options on this journey into childbirth. Listed below are doulas who are actively taking clients for birth, postpartum,placental encapsulation and photography. Doulas have all levels of experience and have all attended a nationally recognized Doula training program.

Photo of Kylee Abel

Kylee Abel

Kylee completed the DONA workshop in 2015 and serves families in the Stillwater area. She is also teaching childbirth classes to help families prepare for birth.

Photo of Naloni Bean

Naloni Bean

Naloni Bean is a birth doula and completed the Dona Birth Doula training in 2015.  Her passion for birth began at the age of 10, when she witnessed her 5th brother be born. She was blessed to be a part of nine more births including both home and hospital, water birth and c-section, before starting…

Angel Blacc

My name is Angel Blacc and I am a birth doula. I started CBI training in 2012 and started DONA training in 2015. I have attended VBAC births and am willing to support you through whatever birth you decide is best for you and your family... so long as we are a fit :-). I…

Photo of Frances Bland

Frances Bland

Frances completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2016 and is currently accepting clients. She is retired from the Air Force and is excited to work in the Tulsa area as a Birth Doula.

Photo of Tiffany Blue-Diaz

Tiffany Blue-Diaz

Tiffany has been passionate about birth since the first time she held a  baby at age four! As an adult, she began working in Women's healthcare in Denver, CO for over 8 years. After the birth of her first child, Tiffany felt moved to become a birth doula and trained through DONA International in 2016.…

Photo of Kathy Buller

Kathy Buller

Kathy completed the DONA training in 2015, and serves families in the Tulsa area.

Photo of Giselle Chebny

Giselle Chebny

Giselle Chebny completed the 2013 DONA Birth Doula workshop. She is an experienced labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital. She will continue to use her doula skills and experience teaching childbirth classes. She gave birth to her third child in 2015 and is actively taking clients and teaching classes.

Photo of Christa Collins

Christa Collins

Christa completed the DONA workshop in 2014 and has been serving families  since January 2015. She has received additional trainings through  an Acupressure workshop and a Rebozo workshop. She serves women in Tulsa County and Claremore, OK. She is accepting clients through September, 2016 and will take some personal time after she welcomes her 5th child.

Photo of Jennisue Costello

Jennisue Costello

I believe our bodies were designed perfectly , and when kept healthy, our bodies are more than capable of giving birth. I am passionate about health, encouraging women to believe in their bodies, and trusting God's design. I live in Bartlesville, OK with my husband and son. I serve and work in childcare at City…

Photo of Amy Emerson

Amy Emerson

I first fell in love with babies as a nursing student and worked in the NICU at Children's Hospital in OKC. Upon graduation, I began working in Labor and Delivery and discovered my passion, helping women in birth! When my own first birth ended in a cesarean section, I was determined to VBAC my next baby. I found out about…

Photo of Holly Foley

Holly Foley

Holly is a DONA-trained birth doula serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. She has a passion for helping mamas and their partners discover their options for birth. She has a special place in her heart for cesarean, VBAC, and high-risk mamas. Her goal is to help parents have the most positive birth experience possible while…

Photo of Leah Foster

Leah Foster

Leah Foster completed the DONA Birth Doula training in 2016 and is taking clients in the Tulsa area. She is excited to put her passion for birth to work!

Photo of Jan Gaylord

Jan Gaylord

Jan Gaylord completed the DONA birth Doula workshop in March 2012 and is a DONA certified birth doula. She has also assisted with home births. Jan has been a practicing Doula for 20 years and is a founding member of DONEOK.Business name: Happy Birth Days

Photo of Hilary Goodner

Hilary Goodner

Trained to be a birth doula April 2014. I am in the process of certification. I am trained in basic and advanced rebozo and can assist you with breast feeding. I worked in the emergency medical field as a paramedic for many years. I have a passion to help women have THEIR best birth experience.…

Photo of Cheri Grant

Cheri Grant

Cheri Grant is a DONA certified birth Doula and DONA Birth Trainer of Doulas. She also maintains RN, CLC, ICCE, ICD,CLD,CD BDT(DONA) certifications. Cheri is the founder of DONEOK. She offers client private childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn and sibling education. She trains Doulas and supports what clients want for their birthing experience with over 40 years…

Sarita Hayes

Sarita completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop and is taking clients in the OKC and Shawnee areas. She is passionate about birth. She is also educated in the use of essential oils for a healthier lifestyle.

Photo of Ariel Haynes

Ariel Haynes

Ariel Haynes began her passion for birth at age 14 when she witnessed her baby sister being born. When she was 17 she found out her and her husband were going to have their first child. She researched everything about birth and found the word "doula" along the way. The more she looked into what…

Photo of Stephanie Henry

Stephanie Henry

I am a God lovin -southern hippy, I spent the first half of my life in the Pacific Northwest and the second half of my life here in Oklahoma on a farm with my family, giving me a wonderful oppotunity to enrich my life with an open mind to natural alternatives, I've worked in woman's…

Photo of Crystal Holland

Crystal Holland

Crystal has completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2016. She has grown up around childbirth  her whole life. She loves to take care of animals and has a tender, compassionate heart for those in need. She is looking forward to applying those skills to assist women in labor.

Photo of Deirdre Hopkins

Deirdre Hopkins

Deirdre Hopkins is a DONA certified birth Doula. She also has her Bachelor’s degree in Family Science and social work. She has over a decade of work advocating for the unborn and working with pregnant teenagers. Her advanced trainings include certification in the TENS unit for pain relief in labor and Advanced Rebozo Techniques. She…

Photo of Jeri Jones

Jeri Jones

Jeri Jones completed the DONA Birth Doula training in 2016. She is eager to begin her work as a birth doula and make a difference in the lives of families as they go through the experience of childbirth.

Photo of Emily Landry

Emily Landry

  Emily Landry is a Certified Doula and Licensed Massage Therapist in Tulsa, OK. Emily has supported over 30 families through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum, and worked with many more clients as their massage therapist during the childbearing year. She is experienced with unmedicated labors, inductions, parents conceiving through ART, advanced maternal age, LGBTQ…

Photo of Kristen Maillet

Kristen Maillet

I want to be that difference in a woman's life and help her better understand that their body is made for having a baby. Having  a baby is a magical, amazing time for a mother and her partner. I want  to help a birthing mother know how to make a birth plan, yet be flexible…

Photo of Heather McCulloh

Heather McCulloh

I am a mommy.  I love being a mommy!  I am a very passionate person and an 'information junkie'.  One of my passions is helping other mommies as they walk this road called parenthood. For me that journey begins very early.  Whether you are trying to get pregnant or find out that you are carrying…

Photo of Dana Nichols

Dana Nichols

Completed the DONA workshop in 2015 and serves families in the Tulsa area.

Photo of Kimberly Nnamani

Kimberly Nnamani

Kim completed the DONA Birth Doula training and is excited to begin her Doula journey. She is has many years of experience in social work and would like to continue using her experience to help women during labor, especially those who might be dealing with an adoption or unexpected pregnancy.

Photo of Kelsey Oliphant

Kelsey Oliphant

I have the belief that birth is a beautiful process and can be a wonderful and amazing experience for moms and dads.   I became interested in natural birth while pregnant with my fifth baby. After having four inductions and heavily managed births, I knew there had to be something more. I began to research the…

Photo of Shirley Pike

Shirley Pike

Shirley took the DONA Birth Doula training in April 2016. She is a Registered Nurse and works in an area Labor and Delivery Unit. She is accepting clients and looking forward to incorporating  her doula skills into her work.

Photo of Jennifer Reimer

Jennifer Reimer

Jennifer Reimer attended the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2014. She is a local labor and delivery nurse in the Tulsa area. She is working towards her birth doula certification.

Photo of Murphie Robinson

Murphie Robinson

Murphie completed the DONA workshop in 2015 and serves families in the Tulsa area.

Photo of Rachel Shepherd

Rachel Shepherd

Rachel completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2016 and is currently taking clients. She is excited to work with expectant families and has a heart for teen and adoptive births.

Photo of Aleaha Smith

Aleaha Smith

Aleaha completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2016 and is a trained birth doula serving the Tulsa area. Her own journey in childbirth has influenced her desire to begin her birth doula work. She is also a licensed massage therapist and placenta encapsulator and is currently taking new clients.

Photo of Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith

I am  trained as a DONA Birth Doula in 2016 and am in the process of certification. I have 12 years of experience in Breastfeeding and lactation support. My passion for birth began with the birth of my son in 2004 and grew more in 2011 with  the adoption of my daughter. I wanted my daughter's birth mom to have the support of a…

Photo of Sarah Sponsler

Sarah Sponsler

Sarah completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2016 and soon afterwards delivered her 4th child. She is excited to begin her work as a birth doula and share the skills she has used in her own births. She  also makes lactation cookies to aid women who are breastfeeding.

Photo of Taryn Starkey

Taryn Starkey

Taryn  completed the DONA Birth Doula training in 2016. She is also a Stillbirthday Trained Doula and birth photographer. She is actively taking clients in the Tulsa Metro area.

Photo of Shelley Stege

Shelley Stege

Shelley Stege is a DONA International certified birth Doula and certified breastfeeding educator. She speaks some Spanish and offers clients (including non-traditional clients) breastfeeding education and support. Shelley has been the treasurer for Tulsa Doulas/DONEOK since it was founded in 1993. She is a recently retired teacher and is now working with The Madonna House…

Photo of Rhonda Sullivan

Rhonda Sullivan

Rhonda is an experienced RN who works in the Tulsa area. She completed the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2016 and is eager to work with clients.

Photo of Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor is a DONA certified birth Doula and certified with AAHCC (Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth). She also provides placental encapsulation services. Kathy has been a doula for many years in the Tulsa area.

Photo of Elizabeth Wilkes

Elizabeth Wilkes

Elizabeth completed the DONA Birth Doula training in 2016. She is eager to use her skills and help other families experience the benefits of having a doula to assist during labor and birth. She is also looking forward to expanding her education and pursue a nursing career.

Photo of Jessiqua Wittman

Jessiqua Wittman

Jessiqua has a reputation in her community for being a "raw", honest educator who "tells things like it is" and she is looking forward to helping re-frame women's opinions of themselves in positive ways so that they can see how strong and capable they really are when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Her passion…

Photo of Kasy Wixon

Kasy Wixon

My name is Kasy Wixon and I am a trained birth doula through DONA as well as studying nursing in the direction of labor and delivery. As a doula I offer unconditional and non-judgmental support, both physically and emotionally to help you achieve the birth you desire-through guidance, education and the knowledge you will need…

Photo of Sarah Wolcott

Sarah Wolcott

Sarah Wolcott attended the DONA Birth Doula workshop in 2014 and is working towards her birth doula certification. She is also a local photographer and will offer her services for births.